Dan Zdilla is a sucker for a good melody. ”

DAn Zdilla

Dan Zdilla is a sucker for a good melody.

A pitch-perfect blend of quirky romanticism and sweetly unpretentious vocal delivery, Dan Zdilla’s music is awash in Beatles-drenched arrangements. These arrangements, for all their musical complexity take their place as canvas for the real creative focus of the songs, expressive melodies and slyly simple lyrics that deepen on every listen. The musicianship is consistently outstanding and all of the performers involved give the songs an emotional heft not typical of your boilerplate studio musicians. The sound summons into mind greats from the pop pantheon like the Kinks and the Beatles but also nods to more soulful performers like Van Morrison and Paul Simon. This music is comprised of long ponderous verses that build unexpectedly toward hooks--guaranteed to be your car or shower singing standards--that meditate playfully on death, love and finding comfort with both. Although his songs have an ear-worm quality that can’t be ignored, the hooks aren’t mere window dressing. They lure the listener into the deeper, less flashy emotional recesses where Zdilla’s best work shines.


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